Training Week: June 30 – July 6

Enjoying Pad See Ew from Thai Basil after Tuesday's 2x20 bike workout!

I just wrapped up my seventh week of formal training, and I’m once again pretty happy with the consistency I was able to put out (though my overall volume was lacking a bit). My swim yardage was little lower than ideal; however, this was largely due to pool closures that were out of my control, so I’m not gonna stress too much about it. In terms of cycling, my volume was also lower than ideal. However, I still put enough stress on my body to maintain my current fitness and build my FTP a little bit higher. My running legs are coming back to me very quickly, and with the increase in volume I have noticed a subsequent increase in my typical training speeds. I’m gonna build up my running volume over the next three weeks before diving into speed work (1km and 2km repeats building to 5K-10K race pace) to make sure that I’m running a solid race pace before the end of August.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 8000 yards (4.5 miles) 4 sessions
Bike 6.8 hours (113 miles, 3900ft gain) 5 sessions
Run 34 miles 5 sessions
Total 14 hours 14 sessions

(IF denotes Intensity Factor: Normal Power to FTP ratio)


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 65 minute cycle (18 miles, 700ft elevation gain) at IF = 0.67
  • 8 mile run at steady effort


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 75 minute cycle (22 miles, 400ft elevation gain) at IF = 0.80
    • 2 x 20 minutes (5 minutes rest interval) at 233, 235 Watts


Intentional off day


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 60 minute cycle (18 miles, 400ft elevation gain) at IF = 0.84
    • Tried for 2 x 20 minutes (5 minutes rest interval) at FTP, but felt bad
    • Ended up doing 25 minutes at 235W and going home
  • 8 mile run at easy effort


  • [No swim: pool closed due to 4th of July]
  • 115 minute cycle (27 miles, 2400ft elevation gain) at IF = 0.76
  • 4 mile run at easy effort


  • [No swim: pool closed (unknown reason)]
  • 4 mile hilly run at recovery effort
  • 90 minute cycle (28 miles, 0ft elevation gain) at IF = 0.77
  • 10 mile run at steady effort


  • 2000 yard swim

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