Training Week: July 7 – July 13

Touring through the hills of Redwood Regional Park on Friday's bike session

Although I can point out numerous faults in my training this week, I cannot be disappointed with the overall volume I produced. In fact, this week I hit 20 hours of training for the first time this season! This is very good news as I approach my competitive phase of racing. I finally broke the 10,000 yards/week mark in swimming, which has been a goal of mine since late May. I’m finally getting comfortable on a consistent swimming regime, and I’m ready to start bumping up the yardage. On the bike, I dropped all my threshold workouts for the week and instead accumulated more than ten hours of zone three (tempo) efforts. This was largely done over two 3-hour rides: a hot and hilly (5000ft ascent) ride on Wednesday, and a dead-flat ride on Saturday. Also to note, I got a solid amount of climbing time this week, accumulating 13,400ft (2.5 miles) of total elevation gain; in total, I spent almost 5 hours climbing hills with a gradient of at least 4%. Although most (actually, all but one) of my races are relatively flat (with respect to my typical routes), this kind of training is making me a MUCH stronger cyclist, and thus I feel they are worthy investments.

Perhaps the area where I can improve the most is in my overall running consistency. I’ve been experiencing a bit of pain in my legs recently, so I’ve (finally) decided to get a new pair of shoes tomorrow. Once I get rid of the pain, there is really no reason why I shouldn’t be running at least six times a week. Hopefully I can fix this next week and really lock-in on my training before August roles around. Regardless, I had two killer runs this week: a hot and hilly (1400ft ascent) 9-miler on Tuesday, and 8 miles at 6:40/mile on Friday.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 10000 yards (5.7 miles) 5 sessions
Bike 13.2 hours (215 miles, 13400ft gain) 6 sessions
Run 21 miles 3 sessions
Total 20 hours 14 sessions

(IF denotes Intensity Factor: Normal Power to FTP ratio)


Planned off day


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 75 minute cycle (23 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.82
  • 9 mile run (8:15/mile, 1400ft ascent, hot)


  • 1000 yard swim
  • 190 minute cycle (47 miles, 5000ft ascent) at IF = 0.81


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 80 minute cycle (23 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.73


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 135 minute cycle (34 miles, 3200ft ascent) at IF = 0.78
  • 8 mile run (6:40/mile, hot)


  • 170 minute cycle (54 miles, 1400ft ascent) at IF = 0.84
  • 4 mile recovery run


  • 3000 yard swim
  • 140 minute cycle (34 miles, 3000ft ascent) at IF = 0.70

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