Training Week: July 14 – July 20

Enjoying the quiet, peaceful wilderness!

In quick review, I had pretty solid week. I put in a block of volume on Monday-Wednesday to prepare for Tri for Fun #2 (where I had a great performance), though unfortunately I lost a bit of time near the end of the week due to tapering, the race itself, and general busy-ness. Nonetheless, I still hit 15 hours for the week and made decent gains in both the swim and bike, and my legs are on their way to recovering and adjusting to my new running shoes. This upcoming week I am travelling to Nashville, TN for my fraternities national convention, thus I am extremely excited and at the same time nervous about losing too much training time. I HOPE I can end the week without losing too much fitness.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 12500 yards (7.1 miles) 6 sessions
Bike 7.4 hours (133 miles, 2600ft gain) 5 sessions
Run 18 miles 4 sessions
Total 15 hours 15 sessions

I made a couple changes to my training routine this week. Firstly, I dropped my off day (Monday) and have now made it a recovery day instead, as I need to accumulate more time/volume. I have developed a strong enough base to where I can train each sport (swimming, cycling, running) every day of the week, so a big goal of mine will be to consistently hit 20+ workouts over 20+ hours each week. In swimming, I also have started increasing my swim volume (per workout) and training in the open water. Finally, I have started planning my running workouts to be at a higher frequency but with shorter distance (e.g. 8 runs of 5 miles vs. 4 runs of 10 miles) in an effort to adjust to my new running shoes. I think this is a solid plan moving forward as it promotes higher volume in a safer way (volume spread out over more frequent runs). Thus, I’m hoping to start running 8-10 times per week as I approach my big running block (pretty much the month of August).

(IF denotes Intensity Factor: Normal Power to FTP ratio)


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 80 minute cycle (23 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.67


  • 2500 yard swim
  • 75 minute cycle (23 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.89
    • 20 minutes at 104% of FTP, 5 minutes rest, 10 minutes at 104% of FTP
  • 4 mile easy run (6:45/mile)


  • 2500 yard swim
  • 5 mile easy run (7:25/mile)
  • 95 minute cycle (30 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.86
    • 60 minutes at IF = 0.90


  • 2000 yard swim
  • 5 mile run (easy)


  • Transition drills: 3 repeats of the following under a race simulation
    • 300 yard open water swim
    • 10 minute bike ride at race wattage
    • 2 minute run at race effort


  • Tri for Fun #2: 800 yard swimming, 18 miles cycling, 3 miles running
  • 105 minute cycle (31 miles, 400ft ascent) at IF = 0.79


  • 1500 yard recovery swim

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