Training Analysis: January

January was a decent start to a new year of training. Although I was unable to swim or bike for most of the month, I had some solid running sessions on the track. Here is a summary of my training:

Total: 26 hours (6 hours/wk)
Swimming: 11800 yards (2700 yards/wk)
Cycling: 3 hours, 50 miles
Running: 145 miles (33 miles/wk)
9 days off: 6 of these were due to travelling from Toronto.

A couple key sessions are outlined below:

  • On January 18th, I competed in the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I ran through 13.1 miles in 1:20 (6:09/mile).
  • On January 22nd, I ran 3 x 10 minutes at 5:40/mile (3 minute rest interval). This totaled a little over 5 miles at 5:/40 pace.
  • On January 27th, I ran 3 x mile in 5:20 (400m rest interval).
  • On January 29th, I ran 4 x mile in 5:20, with one of them in 5:07 (3 minute rest interval).

Looking ahead, I’m going to start rebuilding my bike fitness and building consistency in the pool.

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