Training Analysis: February

February was a little disappointing. I got really sick near the beginning of the month and was still sick by the end of the month. This got rid of any possibility of high-intensity training, and certainly reduced the amount of volume I was able to put in. Here is a summary of my training month:

Total: 20 hours (5 hours/wk)
Swimming: 12200 yards (3100 yards/wk)
Cycling: 9 hours, 108 miles (2.5 hours/wk, 27 mi/week)
Running: 42 miles (11 miles/wk)
14 days off: 11 of these days are due to illness.

Every workout was done at a moderate intensity, and thus I didn’t have any key sessions in February.

Looking ahead, I’m focusing on recovering from my sickness as soon as possible. That way, I can start to rebui my base and return to doing high-intensity training.

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