Training Analysis: April

Although I’m not thrilled with the training volume I produced in the month of April, I can’t be disappointed with the intensity I’ve recently been able to train at, given the circumstances.

Within the first few days of the month, I got sick once again. I found myself shivering during the last 30 minutes of my 50-mile ride on April 4th, and when I got home my temperature was 93 degrees Fahrenheit. I did my best to get my temperature up, but within 6 hours my temperature shot up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This rapid change of body temperature (hypothermia to fever) was extremely taxing on my body, and put me out of training for four days. It took more than two weeks for my body to feel normal once again, and I was able to start integrating more intensity in the latter half of the month.

A summary of my training is outlined below:

Total: 29 hours (7 hours/week)
Cycling: 19 hours, 261 miles (5 hours/week, 61 mi/week)
Running: 72 miles (17 miles/week)
11 days off, mostly due to illness at the beginning of the month. 

A couple key sessions are outlined below:

  • On April 4th, I did a 50-mile ride at an endurance effort.
  • On April 14th, I climbed two local hills on my rode bike: Claremont in 23:45, and Centennial in 14:30. The climbs together total 2000ft of elevation gain over 4.5 miles (8.5% average grade), making for a solid session at threshold and V02max.
  • On April 18th, I did two and a half repeats of the hill on Wildcat Canyon. First, I rode to the halfway point in 6:20 [250W, 4.2 W/kg] at V02max. Then I did two complete repeats in 13:40 [230W, 3.8 W/kg] and 14:25 [220W 3.7 W/kg], racking up some more time at threshold.
  • On April 23rd, I did a time-trial up the hill on Claremont Ave, climbing 1200ft over 2.6 miles in 22:45. This session absolutely crushed my legs, as I spent a majority of the ride at the edge of my threshold and V02max.

It is quite clear that my biggest focus this month was threshold and V02max efforts on the bike. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger on the local climbs, which I feel is a reflection of the time I’ve put into climbing them.

Hopefully my swim and run will come back to me by the end of the month, as I am trying to start racing again in mid June.

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