The beauty and pain in power testing

Peak power from test

Not many things in life feel as satisfying as an honest test of my aerobic engine. There’s obviously a high level of physical stress and discomfort that go along with it, but that is an important aspect of the overall experience. The simultaneous feeling of physical fatigue and mental clarify (via endorphins) is one of the things I love about this sport.

I’ve had fairly consistent training on the bike over the last few weeks, and I was eager to see how my fitness had progressed. I was coming off a decent training load over the month of March and into Spring Break, but I ended up taking the entire weekend off from training (unscheduled recovery). This led my legs to feel really fresh on Monday when I decided it would be a good time to do a power test.

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Race Report: Tri for Fun #2

After months of illness and rebuilding my fitness, I was finally healthy enough to get back into competition! For my first race of the season, I chose a local sprint triathlon that I was very familiar with: the Tri for Fun summer triathlon series in Pleasanton, CA. I did all three of their events last summer, so I thought this would be a good event to gauge my current fitness (with respect to last year).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any specific fitness coming into the event. It was not since October of 2014 that I had last ridden in a time-trial position, or swam in the open water. Nonetheless, I had a solid amount of general fitness from the last few months of training. Thus, I decided this would be a good race for me to shake out the cobwebs and to provide insights into where I should be focusing my specific training. Continue reading

Training Analysis: May

My training in May certainly had its ups and downs.

To start off the month, I ended up getting sick AGAIN, for the third time since February. This certainly brought up a big concern, as I haven’t gotten sick this frequently for as long as I can remember. Additionally, I had four finals over the course of a week, which certainly lowered the priority of my training at that time.

Regardless, I am continuing to see solid gains on the bike. Through repeated threshold efforts and a long tempo ride, my power numbers have kept going up. I’m actually quite excited to see what kind of splits I can ride in a full time-trial setup next month!

A summary of my training is outlined below:

Total: 33 hours (7 hours/week)
Cycling: 19 hours, 261 miles (6 hours/week, 82 mi/week)
Running: 52 miles (12 miles/week)
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