Race Report: Tri for Fun #3

In dire need of a shave/haircut

I just wrapped up my final pre-season race with a relatively disappointing performance, though it provided a lot of insight that will prove beneficial for the start of my competitive season in two weeks. It was pretty cool being able to compete in a summer race series, because I was very familiar with the course by the third time around, and it also made for a solid benchmark in measuring my fitness. This was my first race of the season in a full time-trial kit on the bike, so I was particularly curious in regards to how fast I could go in a very aerodynamic setup. Additionally, my confidence in the open water was at its highest point coming into the race. Thus, I was eager to start at the very front and try to come out of the water without too much of a defect on the leading swimmers.

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Race Report: Tri for Fun #2

I just got back from a solid performance at my second pre-season race: Tri for Fun #2 in Pleasanton, CA. This is the exact same race/course that I did in June, so I was very familiar with the 400 yard fresh-water swim. 10.5 mile bike, and 5K run.

I came into the race with an ambitious (but realistic) goal of breaking the 1 hour mark, which would give me a 7+ minute improvement on last month’s effort. My preparation for this event was much more substantial than the last: I spent a lot of time training at race pace/effort (across all three sports), I’ve been doing open water swim training, and I did a solid session of transition drills last night. And of course, I have MUCH more fitness now than I did five weeks ago.  Continue reading

Race Report: Tri for Fun #1

I just got back from Tri for Fun, my first triathlon in more than a year! I came into this race with simply one goal: push myself in order to re-familiarize my mind/body with the pain that hard racing brings. In short, I accomplished that goal! However, I hit a few walls along the way, and by the end of the race I had found the experience to be quite humbling!

The event took place in Pleasanton, CA, and consisted of the following individual legs: a 400-yard fresh water swim, a flat 11-mile cycle on closed roads, and a 5K run on local trails. I had planned to swim comfortably hard, given that it was my first open-water swim in quite a while. On the bike, I had a goal to hold approximately 93% of FTP; however, given that this was my first race with a power meter, I was simply interested in seeing how I could use the data during (and after) the event. Finally, given my lack of run training, I planned on running at my typical training pace and then bumping my speed up if I felt okay. Continue reading

Race Report: Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

This weekend I participated in Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle, and 13.1 mile run [total of 70.3 miles]. Although this is technically my second long-distance triathlon, this is my first Ironman-branded race. This made it a highly interesting experience: there were more than 2500 competitors on race-day [3000 registered], and the entire city of Oceanside made accommodations for the race. Although I paid a lot of money for this event and it is without a doubt the most competitive race I’ve entered, I tried not to make a big deal about it. I looked at the race as an opportunity to enjoy myself and attempt to execute a “perfect” race plan. I did all the math beforehand to ensure my diabetes would not be an issue on race-day, assuming my race went according to plan.

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Race Report: TCSD March Triathlon

Today, I executed a near-perfect race at TCSD’s first triathlon of the season. The event was situated at Fiesta Island, and consisted of (what would be) a 1000 yard (~0.57 mile) swim, a 20km (12.4 mile) cycle through the southern loop of the island, and a 4 mile run through the northern loop of the island. This was an excellent opportunity for me to redeem myself from a poor performance at last month’s Tritonman Triathlon (also located on Fiesta Island) where I nearly froze to death.

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Race Report: Concordia University 5K

Concordia University put on a “St. Patrick’s Day” 5K today in an effort to raise funds for the school’s cross country and track programs. I didn’t plan on doing this event until I realized that the Coaster 10K was sold out, and I really wanted to get in another stand-alone running event to gauge my current fitness. Interestingly enough, this was my first legitimate 5K (3.1 miles), though I ran 3-mile races all the time in high school cross country (my last race was in November 2011).

(pictures will be posted as they become available)

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