Race Report: Red Kite Criterium

The effort alternated between recovery (zone 1) and anaerobic (zones 6 and 7).

Last Sunday, I competed in a criterium event put on by Red Kite Racing in Livermore, CA. The race consisted of 12 laps of a 1-mile course, which was dead flat and contained four turns. I was competing in the Category 5 race, which had approximately 40 athletes.

The start of the race was actually quite relaxed, and there weren’t any serious attempts to break away. The only efforts were being put out on the corners, each of which required an anaerobic effort (120+ percent of FTP). I made my way to the front 5-10 riders as soon as I could in order to minimize the impact of the accordion effect. However, I made sure to never let myself be completely exposed to the wind.

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Race Report: BBC Criterium

I had an absolutely humbling experience today at my first criterium. I was entered in the mens category five race, which was 30 minutes around a 0.8 mile, P-shaped loop. This meant there were six turns on each lap, and approximately 60-70 in total (over the whole 30 minutes).

Unfortunately, I had high blood sugars for most of the 24 hours leading into the race, including the morning of the event. It’s pretty frustrating to be so meticulous with my blood glucose but still have unpredictable glucose spikes. Still, I reminded myself that I had nothing to prove in this race, and thus I proceeded to go into the event with approximately twice as much glucose in my blood than I would’ve liked (225 mg/dL).

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Race Report: Carlsbad Half Marathon

Pulling away from the group (mile 3)

I had been looking forward to this race for numerous months, which left me both anxious and excited in the weeks leading up to it. This would be my first stand-alone half marathon, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect both physically and mentally. Although I’ve ran three half-marathons off the bike in long-distance triathlons, in addition to countless training runs totaling 13+ miles, I was unfamiliar with the pain of running for 75-80 minutes at a pace slightly below aerobic threshold.

I did lose a bit of fitness in the month leading up to the race, as I spent two weeks in Toronto, Canada where it was simply too cold/inconvenient for me to train adequately. Although this was frustrating at the time, it did take a little pressure off in the days leading up to the race. I simply told myself to do the best I could with the fitness that I had left. On the Monday before the event, I did a session of 5 x 2000m at 6:00/mile (with a 400m recovery jog) which gave me an idea of the effort to shoot for. Continue reading

2014 Season in Review: Training and Racing

Silly faces with my little sister over the holidays

Although I’ve been slacking off on posting my training logs to this blog, I have been meticulously keeping a record of all my workouts. In fact, this is my first year keeping a record of all my workouts, so I thought it would be cool to analyze my totals and averages from the 2014 calendar year.

Although I didn’t get to race nearly as much as I would’ve liked, I have also have outlined a summary of my racing season.

Overall: 482 hours
Swimming: 206,000 yards (117 miles)
Cycling: 243 hours (4,056 miles)
Running: 1,246 miles

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Race Report: Forma Gym Turkey Trot

Approaching the final mile

I was a little nervous coming into this event, as I had not done a stand-alone running event in quite some time. In the two weeks leading up to the event, however, I completed six track sessions to start building speed, so I was curious to see how much I have improved.

The event was an extremely flat 10K road race, taking place in Walnut Creek. Via my track sessions, I projected that I could run at approximately 5:55/mile through the distance of the race. However, I made the decision to not use my GPS watch and to instead race by feel, and thus I had to gauge my pace every six minutes or so as I ran through mile markers. Continue reading

Race Report: Lifetime Tri Oceanside

Powering through my head cold!

Earlier today, I participated in my final triathlon of the season: an Olympic-distance race in Oceanside, CA organized by Lifetime Fitness. The event has an extremely similar setup to Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, which I raced in 2013, sharing much of the same swim and run courses. The race was composed of a 1.5km swim in the Oceanside Harbor, a 40km cycle along the 76 highway and through coastal roads, and a 10km run through the Oceanside pier/beachfront.

Unfortunately, I came into the event still recovering from a two-week-old head cold, and thus I thought my goal time of 2 hours and 20 minutes be unfeasible on the day. This ended up taking some pressure off, leaving me relatively relaxed going into the event. Continue reading

Race Report: Challenge Rancho Cordova

Enjoying the flat and scenic course!

I just back from a fun/satisfying experience at Challenge Rancho Cordova, a long distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle, 13.1 mile run) near Sacramento, CA. Although this was one of my two BIG races of the season, I went into the event without stressing too much about my overall time or placement. Nonetheless, I still pushed myself to the absolute limit, which was both satisfying and humbling, particularly in today’s heat. Continue reading