Personal Update: What I’ve been up to

As we approach August and the start of a new school semester, I have been reflecting to myself a lot about the last year. Although this is primarily a spot for triathlon-related posts, I thought I’d share some of my reflections. Thus, I will attempt to summarize my time thus far in the Bay Area and as a UC Berkeley undergraduate.

Taken from my research building at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

First, I must say that I am EXTREMELY grateful to be living in such an incredible area. There is a very unique vibe in this part of California: everyone has at least one big passion, and everyone is always doing something. On top of that, you have a student body that has been one of (if not) the most progressive, open minded, and politically active of any university in American history. Next, throw in an impressive world-class history in the physical sciences and mathematics (e.g. discovering 16 chemical elements, more nobel laureates than any university in the world). Finally, toss in one of the best collegiate triathlon teams in the United States. At this point in my life, it certainly feels like this is the place I NEED to be. Let me summarize some of the things I’ve been up to:
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I’m back!

I’ve been overwhelmed the last two months with moving [living on my own for the first time], illness [off and on], starting college full-time, and dealing with a number of other things.

I’ve finally hit a state of equilibrium, and I’m starting to get back to a solid, consistent schedule. Hopefully I’ll be able to see lots of improvement over then next two or three months so I can end the year with great performances in my races!

First Post

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

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The main purpose of creating this blog is to track my progress and have a place to dump my thoughts and memories that would otherwise be forgotten. However, I would also like to share my experiences in order to help the sport of triathlon grow, provide a source of potentially useful information, and maybe even inspire other diabetics to pursue a more active lifestyle. Continue reading