A Week in Training: October 15 – October 21

I had another solid week of cycling and running, finishing out the week with a good performance at the Hope4Hanna 10k. Unfortunately, I still haven’t had the transportation required to go swimming, but it’s looking like I’ll be able to get to the pool a few times this upcoming week. Here is a summary of my training week:

  • Swimming: 0 sessions, 0 yards
  • Cycling: 5 sessions, 170 miles [9 hours, 40 minutes]
  • Running: 10 sessions, 55 miles [6 hours, 15 minutes]
  • Total: 15 sessions, 225 miles [15 hours, 55 minutes], 14,000 calories burned


  • 50-mile steady cycle
  • 8-mile recovery run [off-the-bike], 7:08/mile


  • 25-mile steady cycle
  • 2.5-mile run, 6:42/mile. I started to experience profound stomach pains around the 2nd mile, so I decided to cut the run short.


  • 5.5-mile easy run, 6:54/mile, 505ft elevation gain, VERY hot weather
  • 50-mile steady cycle
  • 6-mile easy run [off-the-bike]: 6:22/mile for closing 5 miles


  • 25-mile cycle: 3x10min at 20km [12.5mi] race effort
  • 6-mile easy run [off-the-bike], 6:39/mile, 600ft elevation gain, hot weather
  • 6-mile easy run, 6:45/mile


  • 5-mile recovery run, 7:19/mile, 462ft elevation gain, VERY hot weather
  • 20-mile cycle: 2x20min at 20km [12.5mi] race effort
  • 3-mile recovery run [off-the-bike], 7:00/mile


  • 5-mile pre-race jog, 7:35/mile, finished with strides at 5:30/mile


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