A Week in Training: March 11 – March 17

Finally got a pair of cycling shoes made for triathlons!

This week was pretty similar to the last two. I put in a decent amount of bike mileage while holding off on the swimming and running to let my hip recover. By the end of the week, I felt comfortable enough to do two races: a duathlon and a 5K, the latter of which I ran at a 5:32/mile pace without any pain in my hip. This gives me the heads up to began ramping up my run mileage again and to start putting out time in the pool next week.

Here is a summary of my training week:

  • Swimming: 0 yards
  • Cycling: 215 miles
  • Running: 30 miles
  • Total: 245 miles (~11,600 calories burned)

* Note: NGP denotes Normalized Graded Pace. This is essentially an approximation of the pace I would have run if the course was completely flat (using 1.74 seconds lost per 10ft ascent). This is VERY useful for comparing performances because many of my runs are on hilly courses.


  • 30-mile cycle at at steady effort: hilly
  • 11-mile easy run at 7:04/mi: 800ft ascent (NGP = 6:51/mi) in light rain


  • 55-mile cycle at steady effort: hot and hilly


  • 55-mile cycle at steady effort: hilly


  • 9-mile run at 7:22/mile: 600ft ascent (NGP = 7:09/mile)


  • 35-mile cycle at steady effort: flat

Saturday (see Race Report: TCSD Duathlon “Carlsbad Coaster”)

  • 5-mile run at 6:00/mile
  • 30-mile cycle at race effort

Sunday (see Race Report: Concordia University 5K)

  • 5-mile run: 3.1 miles at 5:32/mile
  • 10-mile cycle at steady effort

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