A Week in Training: February 18 – February 24

The week started out pretty well, but then I started to feel a little sick and ended up getting caught up in lots of work. I ended out the week with a sub-par performance at the UCSD Tritonman Triathlon.

Here is a summary of my training week:

  • Swimming: 2000 yards
  • Cycling: 130 miles
  • Running: 51 miles
  • Total: 182 miles (~11,000 calories burned)

* Note: NGP denotes Normalized Graded Pace. This is essentially an approximation of the pace I would have run if the course was completely flat (using 1.74 seconds lost per 10ft ascent). This is VERY useful for comparing performances because many of my runs are on hilly courses.


  • 9-mile run at 7:15/mi: HOT with 800ft ascent (NGP = 6:58/mi)
  • 20-mile cycle at steady effort: hot and hilly
  • 4-mile easy run at 7:25/mi: 150ft ascent (NGP = 7:18/mi)


  • 12-mile run at 7:17/mi: 800ft ascent (NGP = 7:00/mi)
  • 10-mile cycle at steady effort: hilly


  • 9-mile run in HEAT: 3 miles at 6:10/mi, 1000m at 5:30/mi, 600m at 5:30/mi, 2x400m at 5:15/mi
  • 30-mile cycle (time trial bike) at hard effort: hilly
  • 3-mile “brick” (straight off the bike) run at 6:03/mi: 120ft ascent (NGP = 5:56/mi)
  • 1000y cool-down swim


  • 45-mile cycle (time trial bike) at hard effort: hilly
  • 3-mile run @ 9:00/mi. I was feeling REALLY bad so I just turned around at 2.4km and took the rest of the day off.


Too busy to fit in workouts


  • 2-mile run: included 6x100m strides at 5:30/mi


  • 9-mile run at 7:03/mi: 400ft ascent (NGP = 6:53/mi)
  • 25-mile cycle at steady effort
  • ~1000y swim in UCSD Tritonman

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