A Week in Training: March 18 – March 24

Installed my new Aero Disc Cover!

This week of training was quite a bit better than the last couple of weeks. I was more busy than usual, but I was able to put in another decent week of cycling to prepare me for Ironman 70.3 Oceanside next weekend.

Here is a summary of my training week:

  • Swimming: 1000 yards
  • Cycling: 190 miles
  • Running: 28 miles
  • Total: 218 miles (~10,400 calories burned)

* Note: NGP denotes Normalized Graded Pace. This is essentially an approximation of the pace I would have run if the course was completely flat (using 1.74 seconds lost per 10ft ascent). This is VERY useful for comparing performances because many of my runs are on hilly courses.


  • 40-mile cycle at hard effort: hilly
  • 10-mile recovery run at 7:42/mile: 700ft ascent (NGP = 7:29/mile)


  • 60-mile cycle at steady effort: hilly
  • 9-mile easy run at 7:13/mile: 700ft ascent (NGP = 6:59/mile)


  • 5-mile easy run at 8:18/mile: 500ft ascent (NGP = 8:00/mile), felt REALLY poor so I cut the run short (10 miles planned)
  • 15-mile cycle at steady effort: hilly


  • 50-mile cycle at steady effort: hilly


Too busy to fit in any workouts

Saturday (see Race Report: TCSD March Triathlon)

  • 1000-yard open-water swim at race effort
  • 15-mile cycle at race effort
  • 4-mile run at 6:09/mile


  • 10-mile cycle at easy effort

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