Race Report: Red Kite Criterium

The effort alternated between recovery (zone 1) and anaerobic (zones 6 and 7).

Last Sunday, I competed in a criterium event put on by Red Kite Racing in Livermore, CA. The race consisted of 12 laps of a 1-mile course, which was dead flat and contained four turns. I was competing in the Category 5 race, which had approximately 40 athletes.

The start of the race was actually quite relaxed, and there weren’t any serious attempts to break away. The only efforts were being put out on the corners, each of which required an anaerobic effort (120+ percent of FTP). I made my way to the front 5-10 riders as soon as I could in order to minimize the impact of the accordion effect. However, I made sure to never let myself be completely exposed to the wind.

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The beauty and pain in power testing

Peak power from test

Not many things in life feel as satisfying as an honest test of my aerobic engine. There’s obviously a high level of physical stress and discomfort that go along with it, but that is an important aspect of the overall experience. The simultaneous feeling of physical fatigue and mental clarify (via endorphins) is one of the things I love about this sport.

I’ve had fairly consistent training on the bike over the last few weeks, and I was eager to see how my fitness had progressed. I was coming off a decent training load over the month of March and into Spring Break, but I ended up taking the entire weekend off from training (unscheduled recovery). This led my legs to feel really fresh on Monday when I decided it would be a good time to do a power test.

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