Race Report: BBC Criterium

I had an absolutely humbling experience today at my first criterium. I was entered in the mens category five race, which was 30 minutes around a 0.8 mile, P-shaped loop. This meant there were six turns on each lap, and approximately 60-70 in total (over the whole 30 minutes).

Unfortunately, I had high blood sugars for most of the 24 hours leading into the race, including the morning of the event. It’s pretty frustrating to be so meticulous with my blood glucose but still have unpredictable glucose spikes. Still, I reminded myself that I had nothing to prove in this race, and thus I proceeded to go into the event with approximately twice as much glucose in my blood than I would’ve liked (225 mg/dL).

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Race Report: Tri for Fun #2

After months of illness and rebuilding my fitness, I was finally healthy enough to get back into competition! For my first race of the season, I chose a local sprint triathlon that I was very familiar with: the Tri for Fun summer triathlon series in Pleasanton, CA. I did all three of their events last summer, so I thought this would be a good event to gauge my current fitness (with respect to last year).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any specific fitness coming into the event. It was not since October of 2014 that I had last ridden in a time-trial position, or swam in the open water. Nonetheless, I had a solid amount of general fitness from the last few months of training. Thus, I decided this would be a good race for me to shake out the cobwebs and to provide insights into where I should be focusing my specific training. Continue reading