Training Analysis: May

My training in May certainly had its ups and downs.

To start off the month, I ended up getting sick AGAIN, for the third time since February. This certainly brought up a big concern, as I haven’t gotten sick this frequently for as long as I can remember. Additionally, I had four finals over the course of a week, which certainly lowered the priority of my training at that time.

Regardless, I am continuing to see solid gains on the bike. Through repeated threshold efforts and a long tempo ride, my power numbers have kept going up. I’m actually quite excited to see what kind of splits I can ride in a full time-trial setup next month!

A summary of my training is outlined below:

Total: 33 hours (7 hours/week)
Cycling: 19 hours, 261 miles (6 hours/week, 82 mi/week)
Running: 52 miles (12 miles/week)
6 days off, mostly due to finals. Continue reading