Training Analysis: March

I ended up making a few breakthroughs in the month of March! Most importantly, I FINALLY got over my five-week-long illness that destroyed my fitness and training in February. This means I’ve been able to start building up my fitness again, and I plan to start racing again as early as late April!

Cycling was undoubtedly the least difficult sport to train whilst I was sick, and thus it received the most attention this month. In contrast, swimming under the weather felt almost impossible, and thus I decided to spend that effort elsewhere. I’m starting to rebuild my running base and am already seeing some improvements in my speed. 

A summary of my training month is outlined below:

Total: 33 hours (7.5 hours/week)
Swimming: 1200 yards
Cycling: 22 hours, 317 miles (5 hours/week, 72 mi/week)
Running: 76 miles (17 miles/week)
10 days off, mostly due to illness at the beginning of the month. Continue reading