Training Analysis: January

January was a decent start to a new year of training. Although I was unable to swim or bike for most of the month, I had some solid running sessions on the track. Here is a summary of my training:

Total: 26 hours (6 hours/wk)
Swimming: 11800 yards (2700 yards/wk)
Cycling: 3 hours, 50 miles
Running: 145 miles (33 miles/wk)
9 days off: 6 of these were due to travelling from Toronto.

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Race Report: Carlsbad Half Marathon

Pulling away from the group (mile 3)

I had been looking forward to this race for numerous months, which left me both anxious and excited in the weeks leading up to it. This would be my first stand-alone half marathon, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect both physically and mentally. Although I’ve ran three half-marathons off the bike in long-distance triathlons, in addition to countless training runs totaling 13+ miles, I was unfamiliar with the pain of running for 75-80 minutes at a pace slightly below aerobic threshold.

I did lose a bit of fitness in the month leading up to the race, as I spent two weeks in Toronto, Canada where it was simply too cold/inconvenient for me to train adequately. Although this was frustrating at the time, it did take a little pressure off in the days leading up to the race. I simply told myself to do the best I could with the fitness that I had left. On the Monday before the event, I did a session of 5 x 2000m at 6:00/mile (with a 400m recovery jog) which gave me an idea of the effort to shoot for. Continue reading