Training Analysis: August

Overall, my training in the month of August was pretty disappointing. I got sick in the middle of the month (after a mediocre result at Tri for Fun #3) and lost a whole week of training/fitness. Fortunately, I put in just enough time to maintain my fitness, along with a couple small gains in different areas.

Looking ahead, I’ve made a couple major changes in terms of scheduling and time commitments, particularly in that I am putting aside the time to train for 20-25 hours every week through the end of the season (eight weeks). I need to provide a couple big weeks of (relatively) high-volume and high-intensity training to set myself up for a good result come October. Although I’m not much more fit than I was at the start of August, I am better rested, which sets me up very well for a couple weeks of hard training before my A-races: Challenge Rancho Cordova on October 5th, and Lifetime Triathlon Oceanside on October 26th.

Here is summary of my training month:

Swim Total: 24,250 yards (13.8 miles) over 15 sessions
Average: [5470 yards (3.1 miles) over 3-4 sessions] per week
Bike Total: 19 hours (326 miles) over 12 sessions
Average:  [4 hours (74 miles) over 3 sessions] per week
Run Total: 29 miles over 7 sessions
Average: [7 miles over 1-2 sessions] per week
Overall Total: 31 hours over 34 sessions
Average: [7 hours over 8 sessions] per week

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