Training Week: June 23 – June 29

Taken on Carquinez Bridge just before Sunset

I just wrapped up my sixth week of formal training, and I’m stoked with how consistent I was able to keep my workouts. I only missed two training sessions: one I did not have time, and the other I skipped because I was feeling very flat/unrested. For a week with 16 scheduled workouts, I’m very satisfied with that number. Now that I’m 14 weeks out of my most important races, it’s crucial that I develop these structured and consistent training habits.

On Tuesday and Thursday I had two solid interval sessions on the bike that spent a respectable amount of time at threshold power. I also put in a two solid long rides over the weekend, accumulating a lot of time at a tempo effort. In terms of running, I surprised myself on Friday with a 10 mile run at a solid pace which surprisingly felt very manageable. This is a step in the right direction, because I was concerned about my general lack of run fitness from the last two months. However, I think its starting to come back rather quickly, so I’m hoping to integrate some 1000m and 2000m repeats into my training schedule in approximately four weeks to build my running speed. In terms of swimming, I’m finally starting to get comfortable pushing myself in my workouts. Although I am still not anywhere near “fast” (especially compared to my cycling and running fitness) I’m seeing my times drop very consistently.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 9000 yards (5.1 miles) 6 sessions
Bike 9.3 hours (162 miles, 4800ft gain) 5 sessions
Run 20 miles 3 sessions
Total 15 hours 14 sessions

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Training Week: June 16 – June 22

Got in a killer ride on Saturday!

I just completed my fifth week of training for the 2014 season. There is not too much to say about this week, except that I am (once again) lacking the necessary volume (across all three sports). Lately, this has been due to my scheduling, and I just haven’t had as much time to focus on training. Fortunately, I’ve put together a really solid training schedule for next week, so I’m hoping to get in significantly more training as I approach the start of my competitive race season. Although my cycling volume was (once again) disappointingly low, I got in two killer sessions this week: 3×24 mins (5 minutes rest) at the lower end of my threshold power on Monday, and a long, hilly ride at IF = 0.80 on Saturday.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 1800 yards (1.0 miles) 1 session
Bike 6.7 hours (109 miles, 7100ft gain) 3 sessions
Run 0 miles 0 sessions
Total 7 hours 4 sessions

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Training Week: June 9 – June 15

Enjoying the sunset at the Berkeley Marina during Saturday's bike session.

Week 4 of training is complete. Unfortunately, I got very busy at work this week, and thus I didn’t have nearly as much time to devote to workouts. I really need to start bumping up my swim and run mileage, and I’m hoping I get on a consistent schedule in the next few weeks to make sure this happens. My volume for the bike was also unusually low, although I got in a really solid bike effort (hill repeats at threshold) on Wednesday.

I’ve been making a lot of progress on new software that we’re working on in my research group. Hopefully, this means I’ll have more time in the coming weeks to devote to consistent workouts.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 3000 yards (1.7 miles) 2 sessions
Bike 3.7 hours (58 miles, 5400ft gain) 2 sessions
Run 10 miles 2 sessions
Total 6 hours 6 sessions

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Training Week: June 2 – June 8

Arguably my best training tool this year!

I just completed my third week of training for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, I hurt my shoulder mid-week and had to cut off most of my swim sessions. However, it has healed up pretty well, and I should have no problem doing swim sets next week. On the bike, I was able to put in a little more time than the last two weeks, though I’d still like to see more mileage (200+ per week). I did get in a very solid bike workout on Wednesday: 4 x hill repeats up a 600ft hill around threshold power. On the run, I’ve increased my mileage a bit from last week, though it is still embarrassingly low.

On Sunday, I competed in my first race of the season: Tri for Fun #1, a sprint triathlon in pleasanton, CA. The purpose of this event was simply to get myself back into the racing grind and put a check to my fitness. Click here to read my race report.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 4000 yards (2.3 miles) 3 sessions
Bike 9.3 hours (150 miles, 6100ft gain) 6 sessions
Run 17 miles 4 sessions
Total 11 hours 13 sessions

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Race Report: Tri for Fun #1

I just got back from Tri for Fun, my first triathlon in more than a year! I came into this race with simply one goal: push myself in order to re-familiarize my mind/body with the pain that hard racing brings. In short, I accomplished that goal! However, I hit a few walls along the way, and by the end of the race I had found the experience to be quite humbling!

The event took place in Pleasanton, CA, and consisted of the following individual legs: a 400-yard fresh water swim, a flat 11-mile cycle on closed roads, and a 5K run on local trails. I had planned to swim comfortably hard, given that it was my first open-water swim in quite a while. On the bike, I had a goal to hold approximately 93% of FTP; however, given that this was my first race with a power meter, I was simply interested in seeing how I could use the data during (and after) the event. Finally, given my lack of run training, I planned on running at my typical training pace and then bumping my speed up if I felt okay. Continue reading

Training Week: May 26 – June 1

Briones Reservoir in Orinda, CA

I feel pretty positive about this week, given the circumstances: I started working full-time (software engineering for physics research) and I often found myself very fatigued while attempted exercise before and after full work-days. However, I managed to get in a good (and increasing) amount of workouts and hours: despite pool closures on Memorial Day, I still managed to increase my swim volume; I put in a decent number of miles on the bike, and got in two high intensity rides; my running is still being ignored the most, but I am not at all worried about my run fitness at this time of the year.

Here is a summary of my training week:

Swim 8800 yards (5.0 miles) 5 sessions
Bike 8.7 hours (141 miles, 6700ft gain) 5 sessions
Run 13 miles 2 sessions
Total 13 hours 12 sessions

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