2014 Season in Review: Training and Racing

Silly faces with my little sister over the holidays

Although I’ve been slacking off on posting my training logs to this blog, I have been meticulously keeping a record of all my workouts. In fact, this is my first year keeping a record of all my workouts, so I thought it would be cool to analyze my totals and averages from the 2014 calendar year.

Although I didn’t get to race nearly as much as I would’ve liked, I have also have outlined a summary of my racing season.

Overall: 482 hours
Swimming: 206,000 yards (117 miles)
Cycling: 243 hours (4,056 miles)
Running: 1,246 miles

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Race Report: Forma Gym Turkey Trot

Approaching the final mile

I was a little nervous coming into this event, as I had not done a stand-alone running event in quite some time. In the two weeks leading up to the event, however, I completed six track sessions to start building speed, so I was curious to see how much I have improved.

The event was an extremely flat 10K road race, taking place in Walnut Creek. Via my track sessions, I projected that I could run at approximately 5:55/mile through the distance of the race. However, I made the decision to not use my GPS watch and to instead race by feel, and thus I had to gauge my pace every six minutes or so as I ran through mile markers. Continue reading

Race Report: Lifetime Tri Oceanside

Powering through my head cold!

Earlier today, I participated in my final triathlon of the season: an Olympic-distance race in Oceanside, CA organized by Lifetime Fitness. The event has an extremely similar setup to Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, which I raced in 2013, sharing much of the same swim and run courses. The race was composed of a 1.5km swim in the Oceanside Harbor, a 40km cycle along the 76 highway and through coastal roads, and a 10km run through the Oceanside pier/beachfront.

Unfortunately, I came into the event still recovering from a two-week-old head cold, and thus I thought my goal time of 2 hours and 20 minutes be unfeasible on the day. This ended up taking some pressure off, leaving me relatively relaxed going into the event. Continue reading

Race Report: Challenge Rancho Cordova

Enjoying the flat and scenic course!

I just back from a fun/satisfying experience at Challenge Rancho Cordova, a long distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle, 13.1 mile run) near Sacramento, CA. Although this was one of my two BIG races of the season, I went into the event without stressing too much about my overall time or placement. Nonetheless, I still pushed myself to the absolute limit, which was both satisfying and humbling, particularly in today’s heat. Continue reading

Training Analysis: August

Overall, my training in the month of August was pretty disappointing. I got sick in the middle of the month (after a mediocre result at Tri for Fun #3) and lost a whole week of training/fitness. Fortunately, I put in just enough time to maintain my fitness, along with a couple small gains in different areas.

Looking ahead, I’ve made a couple major changes in terms of scheduling and time commitments, particularly in that I am putting aside the time to train for 20-25 hours every week through the end of the season (eight weeks). I need to provide a couple big weeks of (relatively) high-volume and high-intensity training to set myself up for a good result come October. Although I’m not much more fit than I was at the start of August, I am better rested, which sets me up very well for a couple weeks of hard training before my A-races: Challenge Rancho Cordova on October 5th, and Lifetime Triathlon Oceanside on October 26th.

Here is summary of my training month:

Swim Total: 24,250 yards (13.8 miles) over 15 sessions
Average: [5470 yards (3.1 miles) over 3-4 sessions] per week
Bike Total: 19 hours (326 miles) over 12 sessions
Average:  [4 hours (74 miles) over 3 sessions] per week
Run Total: 29 miles over 7 sessions
Average: [7 miles over 1-2 sessions] per week
Overall Total: 31 hours over 34 sessions
Average: [7 hours over 8 sessions] per week

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Race Report: Tri for Fun #3

In dire need of a shave/haircut

I just wrapped up my final pre-season race with a relatively disappointing performance, though it provided a lot of insight that will prove beneficial for the start of my competitive season in two weeks. It was pretty cool being able to compete in a summer race series, because I was very familiar with the course by the third time around, and it also made for a solid benchmark in measuring my fitness. This was my first race of the season in a full time-trial kit on the bike, so I was particularly curious in regards to how fast I could go in a very aerodynamic setup. Additionally, my confidence in the open water was at its highest point coming into the race. Thus, I was eager to start at the very front and try to come out of the water without too much of a defect on the leading swimmers.

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Training Analysis: July

Climbing the 3 Bears in Orinda, CA

Looking at the numbers, I can’t be disappointed with my training efforts during the month of July. This has been the most consistent triathlon training I have ever done, although I’m still looking to improve upon this in August. I’ve been swimming more frequently and longer than I have in the past, and this has certainly been reflected in my speed and comfort in the water. On the bike, I’ve driven up my FTP by almost 20 watts, and have been doing all my typical training routes quite a bit faster than before. On the run, my times haven’t gotten significantly faster (though I certainly ran faster at Tri for Fun #2 earlier this month than Tri for Fun #1 in June). However, I have been building endurance and aerobic fitness that should come in handy as I increase my running volume, which is the highest priority on my training agenda.

Here is summary of my training month:

Swim Total: 41500 yards (23.6 miles) over 21 sessions
Average: [9370 yards (5.3 miles) over 5 sessions] per week
Bike Total: 35 hours (591 miles) over 21 sessions
Average:  [8 hours (133 miles) over 5 sessions] per week
Run Total: 86 miles over 16 sessions
Average: [19 miles over 4 sessions] per week
Overall Total: 61 hours over 58 sessions
Average: [14 hours over 14 sessions] per week

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