I’m back!

I’ve been overwhelmed the last two months with moving [living on my own for the first time], illness [off and on], starting college full-time, and dealing with a number of other things.

I’ve finally hit a state of equilibrium, and I’m starting to get back to a solid, consistent schedule. Hopefully I’ll be able to see lots of improvement over then next two or three months so I can end the year with great performances in my races!

Race Report: TCSD Triathlon

This race was put on by the Triathlon Club of San Diego [TCSD] on Fiesta Island, which made for a fast, safe, and fun event. I was mostly nervous about the swim, because I have very little open-water swimming experience, but I knew I would be able to post fairly competitive bike and run splits.

The event was an 800-meter [1/2 mile] swim right off fiesta island, a 20-kilometer [~12.5 mile] cycle through the southern part of the island, and a 4-mile run through the northern part of the island. My goals coming into the race were as follows:

  • Finish the swim, and don’t be the last out of the water
  • Try to break 35:00 for the 20km cycle
  • Run strong off the bike and finish well

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